19 MAY 2018

Moving back to Baltimore in the Fall. I will miss KCAI and everyone I met here. I am also looking forward to join the Maryland Institute College of Art and a fantastic team. I finished Persistence of Vision IV (coming soon), distributing it at the moment. Going to Spain and Norway for the summer.


13 JANUARY 2017

I started working at the Kansas City Art Institute as an Assistant Professor in Animation in August. Amazing students, amazing department and looking forward to the next day. Just finished my latest short film Persistence of Vision III. Meanwhile check out the scanimation canvas we made at the experimental animation class.


25 APRIL 2016

Loads of news. My new film En Liten Rosa premiered at Minimalen Kortfilmfestivalen in Trondheim, "Weather the Storm" by BenjaminScheuer music video directed by Peter Baynton won the public choice for best music video at the British Animation Awards a few weeks ago and I have now started for Wanda, a short film directed by Denise Hauser and produced by Klipp og Lim Media AS and continue to work on Pummel Nankeen thanks to a stipend/grant by Midtnorsk Filmsenter, who are always so very kind to me.

4 APRIL 2015

I am now doing animation freelance work at KLIPPOGLIM, terrific place and terrific people. Really, really happy to be working with them. I also recently moved to RAKE Arbeidsfellesskap. Amazing studio and really welcoming people. I am also working on an animated trailer for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and looking for a sound designer for En Liten Rosa...

14 JANUARY 2015

So many things have happened in these past THREE YEARS. I have just returned to Trondheim again. Working on this new website (almost there!!!!). I am now finishing a new film based on a children's book by
Carin Wirsen. I was able to work on this film thanks to two grants by Cultiva Ekspress and Kunst Tilskudd in Kristiansand, Norway. Looking forward to delivering the film.

22 JUNE 2012

Just finished a wonderful year in Baltimore where I have been teaching introductiory classes in animation and electronic media at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Truly inspiring experience. I am now in Delhi working in Bawana and Savda-Ghevra (resetlement communities) and will be moving to Trondheim, Norway where I will be a resident at LKV in August. My film Pummel Nankeen is screening at Annecy, Animafest, Hiroshima and some other. Lots of sketches to upload from Baltimore too.

23 OCTOBER 2011

Long time no write. I am now living in Baltimore, Maryland, plenty to upload from a great summer and these past months. In July I had the chance to participate in a great exhibition in my dear Kristiansand, Norway. "Diverse, Diverse" was not only a group exhibition but a collaboration and unique mix of different art-genres. I felt warmly welcomed and could not thank enough Oliver Moen, Chirs André and Atle Håland, the organizers and pillars of this Project for letting me be a part of it. Check out pictures of the event here.

22 MAY 2011

Just graduated from CalArts. I will soon post "Pummel Nankeen", my thesis film.

04 MARCH 2011

Space Invaders! I cannot describe the project well enough. Click on this link to read the curator's note. I showed "F.P. Yoghourt", "Mood Change" and premiered "Le Persistence of Vision". The exhibition was held at The Loft in Mumbai, India. Click here to see pictures of the event.

25 JANUARY 2011

Eric Dyer came to CalArts. An incredible two weeks workshop in which we built cinetropes with visual materials taken in Valencia, CA. Made me rethink of the possibilities of the medium, really inspiring two weeks. Click here to see some pics from the exhibition.


Just arrived to Madrid from Miramar Playa: Miramar Sketches 2010. I will be taking the plane back to the USA
in a few days to start my second-last semester at CalArts.

1 JULY 2010

Just arrived to Madrid.
I exhibited some of my latest animation work at SARAI Festival (June 27th) in Oslo. Lots of art, music,
theater, film, workshops and dance. The festival was held at Maanefisken (Moon Fish), a beautiful
location along the Aker canal. The participation of Exploding Rubber Band music band among other was
especially notorious.

I was also an animator in residence at Samsen Center of the Arts in Kristiansand, Norway. During my stay I collected new materials and started working on a new film. Check out my Links to find out more about SARAI and Samsen Kulturhus.

29 APRIL 2010

Working on animation sketches documenting my surroundings here in Paris.
Traveled to Animac'10 Festival in Lerida, Spain. I particularly enjoyed "La Taverna Noruega", a compilation of Norweigan animated shorts, the screening of "Institute Benjamenta" by the Quey Brothers
and the participation of Sheila Shofian, a CalArts alumni.

30 DECEMBER 2009

Just finished the website.
Going to Paris in January as an exchange student at the Ecole Nationale Superieure de Arts Decoratifs.

02 JULY 2009

Working on the website...