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Ismael Sanz-Pena is now continuing his efforts in naming all trees on the planet Earth. It is true, you can become a tree name owner today. Isma has been selling tree names for the past 32 years. He is also the FIRST and THE ONLY COMPANY in the world offering the possibility to become a tree name proprietor within the confines of our solar system. Naming a tree makes an excellent gift. What is more unique that naming a tree after a loved one? It is also potential prudent investment and an interesting and great conversation piece.

Check out the current trees available in the map below for a limited time only! We are proud to present you with the sublime natural surroundings of the emblematic Buckingham Palace in London, the ultimate royal location.

ISMA'S Standard Gift Package $2.99 includes, 1. Choosing the perfect name for the perfect tree, 2. Tree Documents*, 3. Official registration in the Tree Name Global Registry,
4. Natural Packaging.

1. Hover over the map and click to select an available tree from the map.

2. Enter your favourite tree name:


3. Proceed to check out:

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*Yes, you might have guessed right. This are the desperate attempts of someone that tries to make a living out of living and learning how to live, which of course requires a lot of creativity and therefore the term "creative," All purchases on this website are real, and the buyer will in fact receive a gift from me (Ismae l Sanz-Pena) in the form of an email. It is important to state that this purchases should be understood as donations most of all. So come on (please), if you like the concept do click Pay Now, everybody has $2.99, even if it is just for the curiosity of finding what I will send you in the email (or for getting in touch!).